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(1991- December 25,2011)

Adria's first show! What a super pony Dixie was.  

 Dixie & Whitney's Oma at home. 

Drew schooling Dixie - Windsor Schooling Show, June 1998

Darling Dixie, known simply as Dixie around the barn, first came to High View Farms in 1997 as a second pony for Carmen’s daughter Whitney who was, at the time, 6 years old. Soon after bringing her home we realized that she was very nervous and sensitive and had likely been mistreated. Later on, after a consultation with our vet, we discovered that we had actually bought a 6 year old pony who was very green, not the 10 year old pony her previous owners had told us she was. With patience and lots of schooling she slowly began to improve. She always loved Whitney and took her to many shows with great results. Whitney still remembers her first walk/trot/canter class with Dixie where they won 4th place even with a few breaks to trot. She proved to be a priceless addition to our riding programs.

Kaytlyn & Dixie after a schooling day at MREC

Kaytlyn & Dixie at a Windsor Schooling Show.  

Around 2002, Whitney had outgrown Dixie and moved on to her large pony Little Mermaid and Dixie moved on to teach new students. She was used in the High View Farms lesson program but her main rider was Kaytlyn (pictured above) who began riding her when she was only 6 years old. Dixie’s sweet nature and experience, along with Kaytlyn’s involvement in our lesson program and desire to learn, allowed them to quickly move up through the levels. She rode and competed on Dixie for approximately 4 years with many excellent results. At one local trophy show they entered, Kaytlyn and Dixie won every single class they entered! In 2006 Kaytlyn sadly outgrew Dixie and moved on to her own pony, I must be Dreaming, known as Silver around the barn.  

Michelle & Dixie in a lesson (1999).  

Whitney & her new pony Dixie. Summer 1997.  

Dixie was perfect in the ring, very well behaved on trails, didn’t pull her riders around the ring or to the grass, and had extremely good ground manners...in summary, she was as close to the perfect pony as you could get! She was a favourite of all riders at High View Farms, whether they were small enough to ride her or not. She was definitely a barn favorite and got compliments from others wherever she went. On Christmas Day 2011 her time came and she went off to 'horsey-heaven'. Dixie is greatly missed around the barn but the memories made with the numerous children she taught to ride in the 14 years that she was with our barn are priceless and will always be in our hearts. Dixie was definitely one of a kind.

Adria & Dixie at MREC schooling show (2009). 

 Adria & Dixie at MREC schooling show (2009). 

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